Games that can found in Agen SBOBET

Games that can found in Agen SBOBET


The Agen SBOBET is a soccer gambling site that has become the most official place for online gambling connoisseurs. By providing a wide selection of soccer gambling games, which bettors will always choose. Of course, with bonuses and promos that can’t be missed, make Agen SBOBET the best site for online soccer gamblers.

Having complete features and games is one of the advantages the Agen SBOBET has to spoil its members who want to bet on online soccer gambling. Because it is very important for players in finding the desired game options.

It’s no wonder that football is a sport with the most fans, and with the development of today’s world, there are many who want to try playing online soccer gambling. In that case choosing the best site is a matter of utmost priority, therefore choosing an Agen SBOBETt as a place to play online soccer gambling is a wise choice.

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In playing online soccer gambling at the Agen SBOBETt, there are several terms that must be known and understood to increase the chance of winning, especially for novice players, which is very important to know this. Therefore, we will discuss 7 terms in Agen SBOBETts that must be understood.

Here’s the explanation:

1. Mix Parlay
Is an online soccer gambling bet that requires placing a minimum of 3 teams from 3 dead ball matches. What is meant with dead balls is that the bet is used and fixed before the match starts, and any changes in the bet while the match is in progress will be prohibited. In this betting option you can use bets in other markets such as Handicap, Over / Under (O / U), 1X2, or Guess the score.

2. 1 X 2
It is the easiest bet type to choose and play by bettors. The player only determines whether the home side in that one match will Win (W), Lose (L) or Draw (D). Any additional time that occurs in the match will have no effect on the result of this bet, so gamblers only get 2×45 to determine the bet.

3. Guess the Score
Is a type of bet that estimates how much the score will be in an ongoing match. In this bet type there are 2 choices, namely between Guess the Score in the First Half which means the bettor only guesses the score until the first half ends or 1 x 45 minutes, or Guess the Score in the Final Round which means the bettor has to guess how many scores will be in the match up to 2 x 45 minutes.

4. Asia Handicap
Is a type of bet that is very popular with players from the majority in Indonesia. The way to bet here is that the dealer or agent will arrange how many pockets are placed on each team that will compete. For example, England against Indonesia with a goal of 5, and the gambler chooses England to win, if England only wins 5 – 0 from Indonesia then the result will be considered a draw, so England must score more than 5 goals to be considered winning in the Asian Handicap bet. .

5. HalfTime or FullTime
Is a term commonly used in football matches or in soccer betting betting, where Halftime is the match until the first half whistle sounds or is also called 1 x 45 minutes. If Fulltima is the term of a match which runs until the second half and ends without any additional innings or up to 2 x 45 minutes.

6. Over / Under
Is the term for the total number of goals scored in an ongoing or ended match. Usually this term is used for the score prediction community to determine which team has the greatest chance of winning.

7. Odds
Odds or commonly called “Kei” is a measure of how strong the opposing team will compete. Usually the Odds will be used as the number of wins the player gets if he can guess correctly from the bet placed. Of course, reading the Odds is not difficult if you already know how to read the reports that the agent usually gives before the match starts.